waiting at the auto shop….television

*written shortly after the 2016 presidential election. Bullshit whining ensues.*

Someone could be a hero here. 
If someone could just work up the nerve to turn this television off. This television in the waiting room at the vehicle service center. This television that is profiting from our current presidential foibles, and public disdain/blind patriotism. . If someone just picked up the remote and turned off this bullshit, they very well could be a hero.

I know I’m in no mood to be pummelled with discussion of how possible it is that we are fucked. And based on the looks on the faces of these other people, I’m pretty certain that they aren’t in any mood for it either.

In my head:
     The brave hero stands up with confidence from his mildly comfortable waiting room chair, and steps calmly and decidedly toward the remote on the small coffee table in front of the TV. The two other people in the room stare in awe. “Are they going to do…yes! Yes, I think they are! Oh, thank god!” Says the inner commentary in their heads.
Our hero picks up the remote from its spot on the table, next to overlapping rings of coffee stains on the wood. They look down it’s sights, and pulls the trigger proudly, and with conviction. The shot is heard all over the service center, even though it was barely a faint, digitized form of a painful yelp from the television speakers.
There’s a calmness now in the waiting room. And a quiet stillness until a far away voice breaks the ice: “thank you.”

Sounds nice, huh?

But it could rarely ever work this way. After all, my state majoritively voted for this bullheaded, selfish, orange businessman to be our commander in chief. And I can’t accurately deduce how at odds with him that even three or four people at a time are. And that really makes me uncomfortable. I am not in line with ANYTHING that trump or trump supporters are in line with. I feel very much alone nowadays.

My mother unfortunately voted for this dingbat. And if my father weren’t such a paranoid, bi-polar, difficult person who doesn’t vote, he would’ve voted for him too. And they continue to poison their minds with right wing media and trump supportive news outlets. What’s worse is that my younger brother still lives with them. And he’s not a trump supporter, because he’s not an idiot. But I do remember him telling me over the phone that he wasn’t sure who he was going to vote for, but he did mention trump as a possible receiver for his vote. This was a  while ago, and he has since smartened up. But c’mon! To me, even the fact that he would consider it means that he doesn’t belong in New York with my brain-poisoned parents. It’s dangerous to his health and mentality.

Oh, hey…..one of the workers here just came up and turned off the TV.

My hero 🙂 


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