effective advocacy

Who’d have thought the boorish would inherit the earth?

The meek never stood a chance because they may have expected too much for themselves. After all, it’s been told that they would receive this world since the bible times. And like a child who grows up reading nothing but fairytales, believing every word, they might expect certain things to just…happen.

But that very rarely is the case for anyone. Comfort breeds inactivity if you’ve had too much for too long. That is why those who have had everything handed to them, or cheated others for their own gain are always terrible leaders. They’ve found, largely due to their ability to manipulate people, that things happen easily with little to no effort on their part. And that’s not what a leader is.

A leader is one who makes decisions based on hard work and critical thinking. An ideal leader, for me, is someone who’s had to work hard for everything they’ve done. But hard work alone cannot secure a leadership role. Compassion and empathy is required.

The first rule of effective advocacy is to not insult people. Being handed everything in life is an insult in itself to the rest of the population. And “pulling one over” on a person is absolutely insulting – I’d hope that would be obvious. That is why compassion and empathy are so important to leading roles – it shows respect. And respect will gain you greater strength through allies, growing your numbers in order to lead ALL to prosperity.

But respect is what the Savage has never been taught. Quite possibly because it may have never been shown in their formative years.


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