negative hindsight

We must be like sandpaper. But what Grit?

Our actions affect everything. There are any number of possible outcomes for any action, and not one of those outcomes are set in stone. Things can change in an instant, and who knows how close you may have been to a different end when they do.

It’s a heavy thing to think about. I think that delving into this kind of thinking can make one prone to regret. It makes it too easy to speculate about what might have happened if you would have gone left instead of right. Not to say that analysing various outcomes of particular scenarios will lead to regret. It’s always good to be prepared. And it prepares you for future tasks. Knowing where you slipped up is important.

It’s the more negative hindsight we employ when we feel like we may have gotten shafted, which may lead to regret. It always has for me at least.

So what can we do about it?

Well, we can stop taking ourselves so seriously. At least for a start. I know that this could be a very daunting starting point, because even though I take a laid-back approach to many things in life, when I’ve focused on something, I tend to take things verrrrry seriously. And it’s hard to not let every setback affect me like it’s bigger than it is. It’s a hard thing to let go of for sure.

But it’s hard to see the line between too serious and serious enough. So maybe take it slow.

Thinking of sandpaper, there are many types of the stuff. Mainly in how coarse or fine their grit is. The rule of thumb is to use coarser paper first, in order to initially shape what you’re trying to finish. Then use the finer grit to smooth out the rougher edges.

We can follow the same rules as we progress in life. Sometimes the most coarse sandpaper is needed at the start of a problem, but a finer touch is always needed toward the end.


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