“that still twitching bird…”



Things lost

Things hidden
Things that have finished
A funeral, not only for a human
Or animal.
We can mourn the loss of many things – tangible or not.

And we bury things all the time. Even if we don’t realise it.

The infinitely carefree feeling that many of us had as children can seem to be dulled as we grow older. And with good reason. The world many of us live in is not the most carefree place. There are responsibilities to be had. Money to be made. It is with the added weight of our experience that we choose to maybe bury those airy feelings ourselves.

To say goodbye.
Say a eulogy of sorts.

You see it all the time. How many bachelor/bachelorette parties happen every year? How many final shows have been played by bands? How many two-weeks-notices are given on any day? Way too many to count. And I think that’s a good sign. It shows the initiative of people. I’m glad they want to progress.

This topic always reminds me of a song called “Sounds Familiar” by The Weakerthans. One line in particular always stood out to me.

“And that still twitching bird was so deceived by a window, so we eulogised fondly and dug deep, and threw it’s elegant plumage and frantic black eyes in a hole. And then rushed to kill something new. So we could bury that too.”

It’s a song I’ve learned to play a very long time ago, and I do so every time there is a big change in my life. And I always do it at a show or open mic. Somewhere in front of some amount of people. It’s a eulogy all too perfect for me, and it always fits just right.

I urge you to listen to this song. It’s very comforting for me, and I hope it will be for you.


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