favorite ways

“That’s not my favorite way though! That only meets 99% of my criteria!” – Louis C.K. on selfishness.
Nothing will ever be Tailored to anyone’s exact needs. Everything has its flaws. Nothing here is infallible. Even your favorite president has done things that you didn’t like. Did you still like them then? Maybe not at the time, but as a whole I’m sure you still liked them.

Point is, you can’t always get what you want. I can tell right now that this post is gonna be kind of like a rehash of some other topics I’ve covered. Rife with lame clichés that were featured in old rock songs like the one I started this paragraph with. But hey, that’s the way it goes, isn’t it? I didn’t choose this daily prompt word, but it seems to be to my point in the end that you……*sigh*…”can’t always get what you want” – the Rolling Stones, Let It Bleed, 1969.

….told ya. 


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