the coin always has two sides

I am having a great day today.
Very productive morning. I played out at the farmer’s market for around 3 hours this morning. In that time I made $67, had great interactions with people who stopped and hung out for a bit, and ran into a couple of friends and my brother. All in the span of around 4 hours. And NOW I’m beating my fiancée in scrabble.

That NEVER happens. Who’d have thought that I’d have the Moxie to pull that off?

Honestly, it’s probably not moxie. No skills I’ve recently acquired will help me in scrabble. This is just dumb luck. Wanna know how I know? I’m losing TERRIBLY in the second game.

I think about that a lot. If luck and random chance weren’t present, I’m sure a lot of things wouldn’t have happened. Especially for those still in their early/mid twenties. I mean, how much time have you taken building the skills to get you what have? And how much of your accomplishments are ones you had to struggle to achieve?

In my experience, I feel like it’s a bit half-and-half. Despite the pitfalls in my life, I do realise I am lucky enough to to have had a pretty good upbringing. No matter how much I’ve ever complained in the past about this or that, I know that I could have had it much worse. Maybe if I’d had it worse off, I may have more skills born from personal experience, instead of from school. Because school is where you form ideas based off of what you’re taught by the state (unless you went to a private school [I assume]). And if you’re lucky enough, you form bonds with a few professors that seem to teach you more than just what’s in your textbook.

I haven’t had too many of those in my time, but the ones I did find are very important to me.

So the scrabble game was the luck bestowed on me by the day. I’d even say that was responsible for the good day busking at the market, and all the positive human interactions. However, playing as well as I did was Skill’s contribution (I’ve been playing music and performing for nearly 20 years now!). And playing well is about 50% of my happiness at the moment.

So I guess my day so far is kinda split down the middle. And maybe that’s why it feels so good. There’s an even balance. That’s important to someone of my star sign. But overall, I think my life in this regard may be evenly split anyway. It’s just that there’s no consistency. And that’s fine. As long as they all add up correctly at the end.

I’d say it’s a 50/50 chance it will.


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